Xuan Thanh Cement Plant was built in Thanh Nghi commune – Thanh Liem District – Ha Nam Province. Limestone material resources abundant, good quality right next to the plant, along with clay material from the factory 5km create favorable conditions for production. Factory 1km from National Highway 1A and Day River system located along the length of the factory made things very favorable natural conditions for road and waterway to the plant provides to the provinces cities in the country.

Lines for the production technology of the Company is designed and built according to the cement production technology with dry process clinker kiln system heat exchanger modern 5-storey tower – no calcium. Synchronized production line, highly automated with central control system is capable of high-quality products, stability, fuel consumption, power accordingly.

Automatic Control Systems – DCS modern and automated control and supervise the entire production process of the plant, provided by SIEMENS of the Federal Republic of Germany. Through the help DCS control officers operating the production process fast, accurate, stable product quality and high-quality products. Along with the system of laboratory equipment to reach European standards, X-ray analyzer is imported from Switzerland to analyze the inputs and monitor product quality, fast and accurate .

Products and targets of the factory launched production of clinker reached the standard PC50 TCVN7024: 2002 and Cement PCB40 TCVN 6260: 2009.

Originally, the input fuel production including:
– Limestone.
– Claystone.
– Additives adjusted.
– Additives adjusted Cao silicon.
– Cement Additives: additives basalt, gypsum and additives complete.
– Fuel: 100% coal use.