In the morning of 09 October 2017, Line 2 of  Xuan Thanh Cement Plant in Ha Nam Province has officially produced clinker of European standard. This event marked the time putting line 2 with capacity of 12,500 tons of clinker/day into operation, 02 months earlier than scheduled.

Clinker burning process in rotary kiln

Clinker product of European standard

Within 09 days since first flame in kiln (01 October 2017), thanks to bright direction of Xuan Thanh Group Leaders, rhythmic coordination of FLSmith supervisors and the enthusiasm of the employees, the huge kiln of 12,500 tons of clinker/day has had first product.

Xuan Thanh Group Leaders performed first flame in kiln ceremony on 01 October 2017

First flame in kiln of 12,500 tons of clinker/day

Kiln of Xuan Thanh-Ha Nam Cement, Line 2 Project has an inner diameter of 6.3 m, length of 97.7 m, designed capacity of 12,500 tons of clinker per day, and it is the largest clinker kiln worldwide so far.  The kiln is of 1,900 tons in weight with the most state-of-the-art technology supplied by FLSmidth to effectively control emission of NOx, SO2, Co and volatile organic compounds, ensuring environmentally friendly operation of kiln.

With technology and equipment of European origin, implemented in accordance with the technology of FLSmidth – Denmark, Xuan Thanh clinker reaches international standard in quality, being officially present in market, ensuring to bring customers products of the best QUALITY – PRESTIGE today.

Xuan Thanh Cement – Proud to be the Owner of No.1 cement plant worldwide !